Monday, July 18, 2011

What Is The Foodarazzi?!

Photo of Amanda Puck via The Foodarazzi

Local cool girl about town Amanda Puck launched a food-oriented blog officially last Friday where she stalks some of the juiciest bites in the city.

The Foodarazzi actually comes as no surprise (and what took her so effing long?!) because Amanda was the original host of the award-winning restaurant review show, Check, Please!

She's also been known for quite awhile to post some pretty enticing photos of her foodie adventures on Facebook. It doesn't matter if it's at a friend's house for a laid-back BBQ or a 22-course feast at the Four Seasons, if she likes the food, she's gonna take photos.

Over the weekend, she headed to The Publican for brunch with girlfriends, and then posted pics of some decadent ricotta and zucchini bread, soft shell crab on a biscuit, and a Bloody Mary loaded down with pickled red onions.

Pretty sweet, but I'd also like to know what else happened while she was there. When I think about Foodarazzi, the photos come to mind but also what was the scene like and why those items were chosen.

But it's only her first week, so we'll be tuning in to see what happens . . .

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