Monday, March 12, 2012

Will Le Cirque's Pop-Up Sell Out?!

Le Cirque's signature creme brulee. (Photo: Le Cirque)

New York's iconic Le Cirque's been around since 1974, but this is still exciting news even if you've had a chance to dine there.

They've decided to do a pop-up, national tour of the French-focused resto, with a stop, of course, headed to Chicago. Apparently, organizers are transforming the Mid-America Club into a replica, featuring Le Cirque china, decor and signature dishes. The executive chef, unfortunately, won't be there.

For $150, diners get three dishes paired with wine. That's a pretty steep price for such few courses, plus if memory serves me correctly, portions aren't that generous. At least you'll get a peek inside the members-only Mid-America Club, which is fancy and on the 80th floor.

The event takes place March 23, with reservations starting at 6pm.

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