Monday, April 9, 2012

Coupons On A First Date . . . Yea or Nay?!


People pretty much went apeshit on a Facebook friend's status:

LADIES, would you be offended if a man pulled out a coupon or Groupon to pay for the meal on the first date?

In less than half an hour after posting, he got almost 100 responses.

Here are some gems:

"Offended? LOL, no...more so like WTF? What MAN uses coupons PERIOD."

"I'd be turned off! Give coupon/Groupon to the waiter on the sly or something if you MUST be so spend thrifty on the first date!"

"Times are hard. I figure if he can get a discount on one thing that money can go towards something else. I don't judge people, what is in his pockets don't move me. What is in heart and in his head is what moves me. I don't sweat the small stuff, it is not a big deal."

"Hell Naw. We in hard times. My next question to him would be do he have a gas coupon!!!"

"Here is the best approach for that situation..., so during the invitation process he should 'sneak it out there' He could say, hey I have been wanting to try this new place, and I have a 'GREAT' Groupon do you want to go there and 'Check the place out' or would you prefer to go somewhere else? See, now he has put me on notice that he plans to use a Groupon and he has given me a nice way to 'side step' his use of a coupon on our first date. Just in case I am not feeling him using a Groupon on our first date. Win Win. But, I would probably feel some kinda way if he just pulled that bad boy out. Sorry. Right or Wrong."

"Women are a trip!!! First y'all want a man, period, then y'all want a man with a job that ACTUALLY wants to do stuff like take you out. But then it is a matter of HOW MUCH money he spends when he is taking you out??? Sorry, but I just feel like, unless you are contributing to the tab, don't worry about how much it is or how he pays for it. Does the Groupon make the lobster that you just ate taste any worse in your stomach. Would it bother you more or less if he drove a Mercedes, but used Groupons. if he drives a Bentley but used Silver instead of Premium gas would that bother y'all?? The nerve of SOME (and yes only some) of Y'all. No wonder so many of y'all are at home alone, or spending the weekends with your single girlfriends, LOL!!"

"No second date, 'cause if this is how you start, it's only down hill from there. Next he will be asking for half on a Happy Meal!!! Not I don't do cheap, and I don't have a problem with picking up a check if I asked someone out, and I ain't using no damn Groupons!"

Soooo, whose side are YOU on?!

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Miss E said...

It probably depends on the where and when, but I don't think I'd have a problem with it.