Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crofton on Wells Closes To Re-Concept

(Photo: Crofton on Wells)

For more than 10 years, Suzy Crofton's River North spot, Crofton on Wells, shined as one of Chicago's top places for contemporary American fare.

She received accolades from the likes of Esquire and Food & Wine, plus a glowing three-star review from Phil Vettel of the Chicago Tribune. In 2011, the restaurant also garnered a Michelin star (only to lose it in 2012).

So it was pretty shocking to find out that Crofton decided to pull the plug on her operation Saturday. According to Eater Chicago, her reason was simple: Business "has been painfully slow."

But all is not lost. She added that she has plans to re-concept, but as of now she hasn't disclosed the next move.

Crofton told Eater, "I decided the best thing to do was to shut my doors and re-concept the restaurant to make it more accessible."

Sounds like she'll create a more budget-friendly menu with more casual fare. We'll stay on top of this and keep you updated . . .

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