Thursday, July 19, 2012

Should We Stop Tipping Bartenders?! Why One Writer Thinks We Should . . .


Here's a guy who barely drinks, yet believes that tipping your local bartender is a waste of $$$. He thinks you should be tipping instead your mail carrier, bus driver, pilot . . . basically anyone other than a bartender.

More of his thoughts on the subject:

"That overly-bearded hipster who has ignored you in favor of people who display more cleavage or douchebags who are more aggressive than you or jerks who flash large bills, is clearing nearly $500 — 80% in cash — during a standard 8-hour shift on a busy night. And when he doesn't serve you for 15 minutes, despite your constant eye contact, followed by internal heeing and hawing about how you're not going to tip the bastard, you do it anyway, for fear of retribution that if you don't tip him this time, your 15 minute wait will be doubled to a half hour sentence next time."

Read the entire story right here.

So what do YOU think about what he says?!


ChiKyle said...

I love this article. My only rebuttal is that in certain places that aren't so strict about their pouring, when you tip, your drinks are made stronger, thus making ME spend less money. I can't say that's true for everyone though.

Demeter said...

It's completely uneven to compare the US with Britain or any country in European since workers are paid a livable wage and tipping are not the norm anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think your description of the writer is slightly misleading. It's not that he "doesn't even drink" -- he clearly states that he doesn't drink cocktails (i.e. mixed drinks, crafted cocktails and the like). He mentions a sentence later that he drinks wine & beer. And earlier in the article he talks about how he would sometimes have a drink paid for by a customer in England (in lieu of a tip). I can see both sides of the argument - but for every bartender that makes a killing ($500+ a night) there are plenty who do their jobs well, make crafted drinks and don't. Plus, most rarely have things like insurance paid for by their employers, so the money they make can balance out the lack of benefits.

anon-trok said...

Obviously this guy has never worked for very long in the service industry, and his "bar-tending experience" probably at a bar one of his friends owned.

$500 a night?? As an ex bartender, I never made $500 a night, and I worked in a upscale martini and wine bar. I survived off my tips (no hourly), and barely at that. Those tips, they don't just go to my pocket, they go to the waitress who may not be as busy, and the guy up there watching the door so you feel secure coming in... oh! and do you hear that music? yea part of that goes to the Dj too. He says he doesn't tip, and then complain that the bartender is helping other people and making you wait? There's a good reason for that. The service industry is one of the hardest jobs I've ever had. I respect each and every person who is in it and I always tip well, and very well if it is deserved.

312 Dining Diva said...

@ Anon #3: My bad. I totally missed that 'graph about him drinking beer, wine, etc.