Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Obsession With Waffles Continues With Sushi Samba Rio's New Quinoa Waffles

Sushi Samba rio's quinoa waffles with kuromitsu and vanilla cinnamon butter. (Photo: Sushi Samba rio)

First there was Bel 50 with its sweet and savory waffle sandwiches stuffed with slow-roasted BBQ pulled pork or braised short rib.

Then Square One teamed up with Waffles in the South Loop to offer an all-you-can-eat waffle brunch.

Now comes Sushi Samba rio with its brunch offering for fall: quinoa waffles with kuromitsu (a Japanese sugar syrup) and vanilla cinnamon butter.

Completely unreal! It's also gluten free and a wee bit healthier than the others. The deal gets better because it's accompanied by three sparkling wine cocktails (or glasses of Prosecco) for $25.


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