Sunday, November 18, 2007

RL one of Oprah’s ‘favorite things’

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I could be way off base here, but it’s a mighty rare occurrence to catch an Oprah Winfrey sighting at any of our local eateries (save for her boy Art Smith’s Table 52), so I was shocked to hear about the one that took place last week at RL (115 E. Chicago Ave., 312-475-1100).

Jim and Mary Lasky (whose Chaise Lounge incidentally scored former RL head chef Isaac Holzwarth) spotted the Queen of Media dining at her fave table with none other than Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, who appears on her show Monday. While the Laskys didn’t catch a glimpse of what they were chowing down on, they noted that she had no security and was dressed stylish, yet low key. And no one bothered her. Wow.

I just wonder which RL table is one of Oprah’s “favorite things.”