Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Local Family Sends Pizza To Troops For Super Bowl

Uno's famous deep-dish pizza.

This story just warms my cold heart on this blustery day.

The third-annual Operation Pizza Bowl is what an Elk Grove, Ill., family calls its mission to send more than 7,000 pizzas to military troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Korea—just in time for the Super Bowl.

Apparently, Uno's is responsible for making most of the deep-dish pizzas, and a private label pizza company helped with the rest.

SO awesome!

Is Someone Impersonating Cyrano's Chef?!

(Photo of Didier Durand via the Chicago Sun-Times)

Could this possibly be true?!

Was passed along this email by an Ultimate Insider, which was randomly and allegedly sent to him by Cyrano's owner/chef Didier Durand:

Brave The @#$%^&*&^%$ Blizzard!

(Photo via Favors in the City)

Leave it to my Mom to start reciting the "Ant and the Grasshopper" to me now that the Blizzard of 2011 is upon us. And I will admit that I'm a bit of a grasshopper when it comes to getting ready for these events, but I know I'll be fine in the end.

One of the reasons is because I've got the stamina—and the right winter boots—to trek it to a cool spot for yummy cocktails and cuisine. Plus, many are doing noteworthy deals in our time of need: