Monday, August 30, 2010

'Entourage' Star Hits Up Elate, Enclave

Kevin Dillon with fans at Enclave Saturday. (Photo: Matt Reeves/

Word is "Entourage" star Kevin Dillon hung pretty tight Saturday at Elate with owner Anthony Fiore.

The only details I could get was that they "drank lots of wine" during dinner, then headed over to Enclave for some late-night partying.

Not sure why Dillon was in town, but sounds like he at least had a great time.

Finally On Its Way?!


Grahamwich—the snazzy sandwich spot that was supposed to debut earlier this summer—may finally be opening soon.

Owner Graham Elliot released this tweetphoto Monday of a rendering of the space. We'll be thrilled when we get some shots of food as well.

Speaking of mega chefs onto their next big projects, word is that Grant Achatz has pushed back the opening date for Aviary and NEXT.

Random Jimmy Kimmel Sighting . . .


From a tipster:

"Jimmy Kimmel dined at Magnolia Cafe Saturday night and West Loop restaurant [redacted] last night, and also is singing 7th inning stretch at Cubbie game tonight."

Would've loved to disclose that West Loop resto . . .