Friday, May 20, 2011

Your Best Hangover 'Cures' Are Right Here


You guys are CRAZY . . . when it comes to curing hangovers.

When I kicked off The Hangover Part II contest Monday, I had no idea I'd get a couple hundred recipes and remedies for hangovers almost immediately.

And some of them were so bizarre and out there that they made my head spin. I mean, I've never heard of whipping up Pedialyte & Red Bull together, but The Beer Bistro's Bob McDermott "swears by it."

I also received submissions like "rub a slice of lemon or lime in the armpit of (your) drinking arm before you start drinking to stop a hangover before it starts," drink "pickle juice straight out of the jar," and ummmm, quite a few calls for getting busy in the boudoir.

But it wasn't too hard to pick the Top Six winners (yeah, we decided to toss in another pair of tix!), who will all get advance screening passes to check out "The Hangover Part II" on Monday. The grand prize winner also gets a $30 gift card for Epic Burger. Yum.

Lynn House Hits Up ABC-7's 'Windy City Live'

Lynn House (left) with fellow local mixologists Carlos Enrique Cuarta and Debbi Peek. (Photo: Lynn House)

ABC-7's new Windy City Live show debuts next Thursday at 9am, but we're way more excited about Friday's show when one of our favorite people in the world is scheduled to appear.

Blackbird's head mixologist Lynn House will be on doing what she does best: making cocktails.

Haute Pastries in the 'Hood . . .


West Town's Leopold just snapped up one haute pastry chef in Erin Mooney, who was most recently at Atlanta's Dining Room (Ritz-Carlton) as well as BLT Steak.

And before she hit Hotlanta, the Jean Banchet Rising Star Pastry Chef winner (2003) was at Green Zebra and the now-shuttered Spring.

At Leopold, she'll serve as sous chef, but we're certain she'll be tinkering around with the desserts too!