Friday, May 8, 2009

100 Top Bars in U.S. include 5 Chicago spots


Food & Wine just released its Cocktails 2009 volume, and yes, Chicago represents well.

Five of our most treasured taverns made the list for America's Top 100 Bars, ranging from the Al Capone-era Green Mill to The Violet Hour and its world-class, modern mixology program:

C-House in the Affinia Chicago hotel: “Cocktails that tend toward the sweet, like the Honey B (vodka, alfalfa honey and chamomile syrup).”

The Drawing Room: “Guests can opt to have their drinks prepared tableside, accompanied by a cocktail history lesson.”

Green Mill: “A Chicago landmark . . . Uptown jazz club evokes the thirties and forties.”

Nacional 27: Where “mixologist Adam Seger . . . makes superfresh cocktails (both frozen and otherwise).”

The Violet Hour: “Modeled after early-19th-century English clubs and French salons” boasts “floor-to-ceiling curtains frame the bartenders as if they were on a stage.”

Guess I know where you're going this weekend . . .