Monday, January 31, 2011

Your First Look Inside Bistronomic

Bistronomic exterior (Photo: Ari Bendersky/Eater Chicago)

Eater's got the first photos inside Gold Coast eatery Bistronomic, which was Eve for the last few years.

Helmed by former Cafe Des Architectes chef Martial Noguier, the restaurant is set to open Friday.

Where A Rising Star Chef Dines On Off Days . . .

Dave Beran (left) with Grant Achatz. (Photo: Grant Achatz)

It's not every day you get to sit next to a world-class chef for two hours. So when I got my chance at the Grand Chefs Gala Friday, I didn't let it go to waste.

I was lucky enough to sit next to Dave Beran, the chef de cuisine of Alinea as well as chef of the upcoming and highly anticipated Next restaurant in the Warehouse District.

Beran was pretty tight-lipped on Next's opening date, yet very eager to share some of his favorite local dining destinations when he gets a rare night off.