Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Esquire Writer Pisses Off Chicago's Pastry Chefs In 'Pointless' Essay

A simple, yet sophisticated raspberry cake from Cafe des Architectes' pastry chef Leigh Omilinsky (Photo: Leigh Omilinsky)

Oh, boy. Controversial Esquire editor-at-large Josh Ozersky is at it again. This time his target is pastries—and the people behind them.

His latest essay is so venomous that it makes me wonder if he hates puppies and babies and ponies, too. Especially this gem: "Why would any restaurant have a second kitchen—with a second kitchen staff—in order to present abstract art at the end of meals? What need is there, really, for anything more complex than a scoop of sherbet?"

Metro Owner Joe Shanahan Battles Cancer


The Chicago Tribune reports that legendary music club owner Joe Shanahan is battling tongue cancer.

He shared the news with staffers at his venues such as Metro, Gingerman Tavern and Double Door on Tuesday, reassuring them it would be business as usual.

You Can Now Re-Create GT Fish & Oyster's Famed Mussels At Home


I've always gushed over GT Fish & Oyster's garlic-and-tomatoes infused mussels, so you can only imagine my glee when I learned I'd finally be able to re-create the dish at home.

GT chef/partner Giuseppe Tentori announced Tuesday that he contributed to the newly released cookbook, Lodge Cast Iron Nation: Great American Cooking from Coast to Coast. The book showcases a number of easy-to-make recipes using cast-iron skillets, pots and Dutch ovens.

Tentori says about his contribution: "I love this recipe because it is the way we used to eat mussels in Italy."