Friday, March 2, 2012

The DEFINITIVE Lenten Fried Fish Survival Guide

Honey 1 BBQ's fried perch. (Photo via Serious Eats Chicago)

We can always count on Serious Eats Chicago.

This time those guys came up with the definitive Lenten Fried Fish Survival Guide, so before you indulge, make sure you check them out for "the rules" on the fish fry, plus tips on making the absolute best tartar sauce and their top picks for restaurants to chow down.

Honey 1 BBQ, BIG & little's and Calumet Fisheries made the cut.

All I have to say is Bravo!

Lillie's Q Signature Wrap on Falafill's Menu

Lillie's Q chef/owner Charlie McKenna created this signature wrap for Falafill that's available during March. (Photo: Jamco Creative)

March Falafill roared in like a lion with the ferocious new signature wrap by guest chef Charlie McKenna of Lillie's Q.

His bad-ass offering consists of a Southern-focused, black-eyed pea falafel filled with fried collard greens, coleslaw tossed in the Lillie's Q Ivory Sauce, sautéed onions and tomatos. As with each chef participating in Falafill's monthly program, a portion of the proceeds from each wrap sold benefits McKenna's favorite charity.