Monday, July 20, 2009

Good 'ol fashioned American fare . . .

(Photo: David Lissner for Dining Chicago)

. . . is what you'll get at 33 Club, the new Old Town eatery with a vibrant, post-Prohibition vibe by colorful restaurateur Jerry Kleiner.

Our boy David "The Food Dude" Lissner of Dining Chicago gets the first on-air interview with Kleiner on the hot new space here.

Weekend Tweet Beat

Tim Graham, executive chef at Tru (Photo: Tim Graham)

What were Chicago's top chefs up to this weekend?! 312DD checks out their Twitter accounts:

Efrain Cuevas (chEfrain): "Cooking BBQ tonight for the Guinness beer folks tonight. Will I get paid in beer?"

Phillip Foss (Lockwood): "Shpeeled out after describing the buffalo-ed wing 1,000 times... very cool evening for a good cause. now going to party at farmer lee's house."

Tim Graham (Tru): "Friday service going smooth. Selling alot of collections. New foie mousse, melon, Moscato d'Asti gelee, Pumpernickel is a hit."

Mark Mendez (Carnivale): “Swan Creek egg fried in extra virgin olive oil, Iberico Ham, black truffle.”

Michael Sheerin (Blackbird): “Cluster Fu&k of a night.”