Monday, October 13, 2008

More bad news . . .

. . . just dropped in my inbox from another Ultimate Insider:

"Avenue M did not open this weekend. Looks to be another in the line. People need to start getting out and supporting their local economy."

Hmmmm. Too bad. I wonder if those guys will still do this.

Exclusive: Brasserie Ruhlmann 'closed until further notice'

This just dropped in my inbox from an Ultimate Insider:

"Brasserie Ruhlmann's closing. They say for 3 weeks to a month to do some restructuring. I'd be surprised if they reopen with the same concept."

A quick call to the restaurant resulted in only getting this message from their voicemail: "Thank you for calling Brasserie Ruhlmann. We are temporarily closed until further notice. . . "

Wow. That didn't even last a year. Hopefully they reopen soon, but in the meantime, you can still go across the street to the owners' Japanese-focused eatery Japonais.

UPDATE: From another Ultimate Insider: "I heard from a little birdie that they are talking seriously with some key peeps in the rest bus.... if they sync up with said people I am confident that they will have nothing but success....."