Saturday, July 12, 2008

Market-fresh goodies make you go mmmmm

Pops for Champagne's executive chef Andrew Brochu's ultra-rich chocolate cake with fresh raspberries, violet and parsnip sorbet. (Photo: Pops for Champagne)

This weekend on "24/7 Chicago: Secrets of the City," we check out several chefs' delectable dessert specials created with picks from the city's many farmers' markets, including the ripest-ever selections of strawberries, rhubarbs, blueberries and more:

C-House: Pastry chef Toni Roberts makes a Brown Butter Cornmeal Poundcake that sounds heavy, but it's light as a feather. It comes with robust Seedling Farm blueberries, homemade blueberry swirl ice cream and cashew "Cracker Jack" popcorn.

Copperblue: Executive chef Michael Tsonton's "Michigan" Panna Cotta is a complicated and rich dish made of raw organic Jersey cow's milk, ginger and wildflower honey, sweet pickled Queen Anne cherry salad and pine nut-caramel crisp.

C-House's Toni Roberts' makes a Brown Butter Cornmeal Poundcake that sounds heavy, but it's light as a feather. (Photo: C-House)

Landmark Grill + Lounge: The Michigan Strawberry Shortcake, designed by pastry chef Elizabeth Dahl, uses locally grown strawberries from Seedling Farm and Ellis Farm in Michigan. The cake is topped off with lavender, fresh whipped cream and homemade strawberry sorbet.

Pops for Champagne: Executive chef Andrew Brochu's ultra-rich Chocolate Cake is accompanied by fresh raspberry, violet and parsnip sorbet. Paired with a nice bubbly from Pops for Champagne's extensive list, this dessert is perfect for you and a significant other.

Socca: Roger Herring's casual French bistro kicks out an unforgettable Strawberry Rhubarb Caramel Croissant Bread Pudding that's complemented by housemade vanilla bean gelato.