Thursday, December 1, 2011

And Her Favorite Cocktail Is . . .

(Photo: Stephanie Izard)

"When I first sipped it, I thought I was drinking an 'old lady' drink, but now I know I was just getting exposed to what a great cocktail is supposed to be—and moving past my vodka-tonic phase," says Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat) about her favorite cocktail.

Find out what it is and where she likes to drink it in this interview I had with her in Michigan Avenue magazine.

West Town's 'Dining Around' Coming Soon

Arami interior photo via

The deadest time of the year for restaurants is in January, so Leopold owner Christy Agee came up with a great idea to generate extra $$$ for the spots in West Town.

She's partnered with West Town Chicago Chamber of Commerce to launch the area's first-ever Dining Around event, which will spotlight chef-driven destinations such as Arami, Branch 27, Ruxbin and West Town Tavern. The restaurant that I'm also hoping will get onboard for this project is long-time Italian favorite, A Tavola, which is owned by chef Dan Bocik. It's been around since 1995.