Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Back Room Takes Over Le Passage Privet Space; A Few More Key Details


I wasn't too shocked to hear the news that Privet closed last weekend because it pretty much looked like the photo above every time I paid a visit.

But when word came down that the venerable Back Room was set to take over the vacated space on Oct. 4, I got pretty excited.

The legendary jazz-and-blues club is less than a block away from its new home, and will officially close on Sept. 24. This new home in the old Privet is particularly awesome because that venue carries a late-night license, which means new owners Three Headed Productions (The Drawing Room, Evil Olive, Salud) will have the option to stay open until 4am (5am on Saturdays!). Hopefully, they'll also keep the alley-only entrance because, you know, that just feels right when it comes to after-hours jazz and blues clubs (UPDATE: A press release states that a deejay will spin after 1am on weekends).

Here are even more reasons to get excited about this:

Some Very Rad Happenings Around Town

iNG owner/chef Homaro Cantu (center) with chefs Hugo Guadarrama (left) and Vince Griffith. (Photo: iNG)

Remember when I was gushing about that upcoming Scorsese-themed menu at iNG?! Well, it's finally here.

Sept. 18 marks the "premiere," and yes, that includes lights, cameras and a RED CARPET. Look for the menu to play off the food scenes from "Goodfellas," including this first course:

Sleeping With The Fishes: two-part course "Fish & Chips" of rock shrimp chips with dry aioli and smoked rock shrimp roulade, white truffle garlic aioli and gremolata seaweed

According to chef/owner Homaro Cantu, the menu will run about six weeks. It will include six courses for $80 and 10 courses for $100; both will be paired with beverages and include "flavor tripping."

"It is, by far, the most twisted thing I have ever done," Cantu says about the menu. "It will be a delicious experience."

To get a visual of what he's talking about, here's video of one of the dishes, the 9mm Tagellio, and also details on how you can win dinner for two for free.

Here are more rad happenings around town: