Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lite Bites: What Your Favorite Chefs & Mixologists Are Up To Around Town This Week

'Still Life Moving Fast' course from the Salvador Dali menu at iNG (Photo: iNG Restaurant)

Tim Havidic's new menu at iNG will blow your mind. The chef's multi-course tasting menu was inspired by the great surrealist Salvador Dali, and we were treated to a sneak preview last week. From vibrant colors to artistic accents, Havidic's offering demonstrates that he's quite the artist himself.

Alas, we only got three courses (menu ranges from three to 10), but if that was any indication of what to expect, diners are certainly in for a treat. Honey is Sweeter Than "Bulls" Blood—based on one of his famed works of art—consisted of roasted beets, roasted beet sorbet with pine nut purée, orange zest preserves and pickled beets. It also came with bulls blood salad that was topped with frozen beet vinaigrette. You obviously need to be a beet lover to enjoy.

Still Life Moving Fast, inspired by another Dali creation, is an explosion of sweet and savory market fresh flavors. Spiced pear butter puree, pumpkin nuggets, pumpkin-enhanced butter and roasted red peppers converge for a masterpiece. Each course is paired with a specialty cocktail, beer or wine to further enhance the experience.

The Dali menu is now underway, and guests can make reservations for 10 courses ($105), six courses ($85) or three courses ($50). Reservations are required by calling the restaurant.