Thursday, October 7, 2010

Step It UP For Supper!


CS dining critic Michael Nagrant gave a rave review to West Loop sensation Girl & The Goat—which was no surprise because he's already made it clear how much he loves it in other articles.

The surprise was the "dress code" the magazine recommended to its readers for the hottest restaurant in town. Their suggestion of what to wear: a No-Fuss T-Shirt and Jeans, which translates roughly to something you'd probably put on when you're running errands on an average Saturday afternoon.

Are We Falling For French-Inspired Nightlife?

The gleaming exterior of Maude's Liquor Bar, which is set to open this fall. (Photo: Maude's Liquor Bar)

312DD had the exclusive deets on Maude's Liquor Bar way back in the summer, so it's about time for an update.

Still scheduled to open this fall, the French-inspired dive bar owned by Gilt Bar's Brendan Sodikoff is well on its way to being finished, according to their blog tracking the progress of construction:

Deejaying Dancing with the Star . . .


Quirky neo-soul star Macy Gray's performing tonight at Park West, and tickets are still available here.

If you miss out, head to the after-party at Victor Hotel, in the Warehouse District, to catch her behind the 'decks spinning soul, funk and whatever the hell she wants.

This should be fun!

No Resos?! 'Get Over It!'

Mark and Elizabeth Mendez are blogging at "The Cook & The Corkscrew" as they work on their Latin-concept restaurant.

I'm beginning to think there will be a "no reservations" policy at Mark and Elizabeth Mendez's new Latin-focused restaurant when it opens soon.

I'm just basing that assumption from their latest blog post at The Cook & The Corkscrew, written by Elizabeth (the sommelier who used to work at Carnivale with her executive chef husband), as she passionately wrote about her issues with diners complaining about the practice: