Friday, October 3, 2008

Sure sign of a recession


This just dropped in my inbox:

"In celebration of October’s Libras, Kohan is offering 15% off their entire food bill this month! Come in and enjoy fresh new entrees, teppan grill selections and new specialty rolls. Kohan has a large selection of nigiri sushi, house rolls and a large selection of hot and cold appetizers, noodle and rice dishes."

True, Kohan Japanese Restaurant's offering major deals for the meals, but how come Libras get all the props in October?! Scorpio bdays (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) also happen during this time and they're getting totally dissed. I would totally call them on this if I was a Scorpio.

If you're looking for something new

(Photo: Courtesy of Urban Daddy)

Urban Daddy breaks the news about Lincoln Square's new Chelsea Grill:

"Just in time for fall, Lincoln Square's Erba has morphed into this all-comfort-food destination. Nothing says 'let's snuggle' like a blue cheese burger with frizzled onions. Then again, pizza with bacon and a fried egg has a certain autumnal feel."