Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Charles Joly Is On His Way To China


Here's a sign that you're officially an international sensation: when you get the call that you're going to showcase your talents for a global audience.

That's what happened to The Drawing Room's Charles Joly, who got tapped by spirits giant Pernod Ricard to travel to Beijing and Shanghai to participate in a program called Legendary Nights.

The bar star, in fact, got his visa Tuesday for the trip and even though he's never been to the Far East, he's extremely excited.

"I have no idea how to speak the languages there, but I don't care. I know I'm going to have a great time," he told 312DD.

Fried Chicken Takes to the Streets

Roost's fried chicken and biscuit photo via Thrillist Chicago.

This is nothing to complain about. It's actually very, very good.

Roost, a fried chicken-mac 'n' cheese-cobbler-biscuits truck, just hit the streets. It's owned by a Carolina native, who's introducing us to family recipes handed down for generations.

Here's a peek at the menu, and you can follow them on Twitter @TheRoostTruck.

Nothing But Sweet Stuff, Baby!

Black Dog Gelato photo via UrbanSpoon.com.

Stephanie Izard's favorite sweets shop, Black Dog Gelato, is set to open a Roscoe Village location later this spring.

Those residents have no idea just how lucky they are. Owner Jessica Oloros (who was Izard's former pastry chef at Scylla) gets super creative in flavors of her treats, with offerings in goat cheese cashew caramel, Mexican hot chocolate, roasted red pepper, and the whiskey gelato bar that's served on a stick and rolled in bacon.

If you cannot wait that long to get your sweet tooth on, FED UP's first-ever Desserts for Deserts happens in Logan Square next week.