Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Michael Carlson Broke His Leg

Photo via the Chicago Tribune

I got a tip Monday that Schwa was shuttered over the weekend.

When we asked the publicist, no real response was given for why it was closed, but late Tuesday night it was discovered that eccentric executive chef/owner Michael Carlson had broken his leg.

We wish him a speedy recovery!

UPDATE: The guys over at AV Club Chicago tell 312DD: "Got a call from Schwa confirming reservations for tomorrow, so they seem to be open while Carlson recovers."

Awesome news!

'Top Chef' Star on Girl & The Goat

(Photo: Courtesy of Antonio Busiello)

Former Top Chef and Top Chef All Star fan favorite Fabio Viviani was in Chicago Tuesday and had dinner at Girl & The Goat.

His "review" on his experience at the West Loop's hottest resto is the most unique to date:

Does Doughnut Vault Live Up To Its Hype?!

Doughnut Vault's chocolate glazed doughnuts. (Photo: Doughnut Vault)

Tuesday I brought a bunch of the specialty, gourmet goodies from brand-new Doughnut Vault to the set of WCIU-TV's You & Me This Morning.

Apparently, these are no ordinary doughnuts as customers have been waiting in line by the hundreds to get their hands on them since the spot first opened last week.

Watch what happens right here when hosts Jeanne Sparrow and Melissa Forman get their first taste of what everyone's clamoring over.

Find out also other hot spots for gourmet doughnuts, including Longman & Eagle and Nightwood.