Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where Will They Be?!


Before Lollapalooza even began, 312DD started getting sightings.

The first one is none other than Lady Gaga, who was spotted Thursday at Delilah's, the spot with the largest selections of bourbon in the Midwest.

Since everyone's gotta eat and drink, drop me a line, hit me up here and lemme know if you see one of your favorite stars out and about this weekend . . .

Some Mighty, Mighty Bites . . .

Executive Chef William Alexander working the line at new Little Italy eatery, One. Six One. (Photo: One. Six One)

Hey, guys, there are a ton of things going on beyond Lolla this weekend, especially when it comes to delicious dishes.

For example, we checked out One. Six One a few weeks ago during its grand-opening weekend. The contemporary Little Italy resto's menu was all over the globe, but we were particularly pleased with the Smoked Wild Duck Gumbo.