Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Firefighter's Winning Meatballs to be Featured on Rosebud's Menu


Meatball lovers united Sunday at Rosebud on Taylor to cheer on eight amateur chefs who made it to the finals of the annual Do You Have The Meatballs? contest.

But it was firefighter Bill Anaszewicz who blew the competition away with his baked meatballs of ground beef, pork and veal. He told 312DD that he used his fellow firefighters as guinea pigs for three weeks, testing out various recipes until he perfected a winning formula the night before the finale.

As the grand prize winner, Anaszewicz will be treated to a luxurious trip to Wine Country for two, plus his meatballs will appear on Rosebud on Rush's menu all next week.

Check out the Gold Coast institution next week, or you can also make them at home because we've got the recipe!