Thursday, October 28, 2010

'We Are Just Getting Warmed Up . . .'

Matt Maroni holding down the Gaztro-Wagon. (Photo: Michael Boyd)

That's the response from Matt Maroni, the guy behind Gaztro-Wagon, on Gawker's declaration that food trucks are over.

"Chicago will set a new standard," Maroni added, referring to the likes of high-quality munchie mobiles recently springing up such as more's new cupcake truck and chef Philip Foss's Meatyballs Mobile.

This Time It's For Real!

(Photo: Doug Fogelson/DRFP)

Avec reopens Oct. 29, and here's what to expect, according to the email that just dropped in my inbox:

This Is What Needs To Happen

Angels & Kings is located in River North.

You wouldn't believe the complaints I get from minorities about the discrimination they face when going out to Chicago's downtown nightclubs.

It is not uncommon, most say, from what happened to the Chicago Bears players who were denied entry to Angels & Kings on Monday.

One African-American clubgoer, who also happens to be a nightlife promoter, said: "I have personally seen and experienced firsthand how venues like Y Bar, Crescendo and FUNK openly discriminate against blacks. If those guys didn't play in the NFL, nobody would have ever known about this incident and the promoters would still be there. Here's a many of these venues do you think allow 'black' promoters to produce events at their venues?"

Which leads to another question that has been burning in my mind for quite awhile. Where are the upscale minority-owned nightlife venues in the downtown area?!

Blocked! Bears Players Turned Away At A&K

Bears star Brian Urlacher and a number of his teammates were denied entrance to Angels & Kings Monday.

The long-running industry night event at River North's Angels & Kings has ended following a ridiculous incident Monday night.

A large group of high-profile Chicago Bears players—including stars Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs—were denied entrance, according to Stella Foster of the Sun-Times: