Monday, October 18, 2010

Stars In Our Midst . . .

Marion Cotillard (from left), Matt Damon and Kate Winslet

An Ultimate Insider tells 312DD that some serious A-Listers have just checked into the Peninsula:

Local Chef Gets Dumped By Text Message


Ladies—and gentlemen—you take your chances when you date a chef.

They work loooooong hours, sleep a lot when they're off the clock, and can get pretty moody, says one chef at a popular Wicker Park restaurant who suddenly found himself single again over the weekend.

His girlfriend of several months got fed up and after not getting the response she wanted after wishing him a "Happy Three-Month Anniversary," she promptly dumped him by a series of text messages:

Introducing ‘The Underground Mixologists’

Todd Appel (from left), Daniel de Oliveira and Josh Pearson.

Watch out, these guys are about to set Chicago's mixology scene on fire with The LBA . . .