Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not So Sweet . . . Sarah's Pastries Robbed!

Cupcakes from Sarah's Pastries & Candies. (Photo: Sarah's Pastries & Candies)

This unfortunate news just dropped in my inbox from an Ultimate Insider about a break-in at Sarah's Pastries & Candies:

"You didn't get this from me, but I'm looking at a police report that says Sarah's Pastries on Oak was broken into and robbed of 2k, a laptop and photo printer on Feb 28. 18th District Police Station."

A call to the popular Gold Coast sweet shop confirmed the robbery, and owner Sarah Levy says the most important thing is that no one was injured.

"We're just happy that no one was injured," says Levy. "We're also taking some more precautions to get our security tightened up. (The laptop) that was stolen was password protected, so no sensitive information was compromised."

Thank God for that!