Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'The Soiree Series' Underground Party Returns

The Chicago Cabaret Project's "The Soiree Series" is an underground live performance/party taking place in fabulous Chicago homes. (Photo: Chicago Cabaret Project)

My favorite party people last year were the mad talented performers from the Chicago Cabaret Project. Their The Soiree Series targets those no longer into the bump 'n' grind bars, but still enjoy having a good time out.

What sets their parties apart from the usual performance-art as well as nightlife-oriented events is that they're held inside some spectacular-looking Chicago homes. To date, guests have been whisked inside a massive Lincoln Park mansion with a Miami-like pool and patio as well as an elaborate 1894 home in the historic Prairie District. The intrigue is that guests don't know the location until day of the event.

Plus, the soirees include all the elements for a glamorous night out: cocktail party, a room full of dazzling people you want to get to know, and live entertainment.

Thus far, they've done quirky, original numbers as well as some of the most memorable scenes from the Broadway hit, "Cabaret." But it's the third soiree, taking place at 8pm June 29, that promises to take this series to the next level.

Debbi Peek Now At Southern Wine & Spirits

Mixologist Debbi Peek. (Photo: The Bristol)

Balena/The Bristol's magnificent, award-winning bartender Debbi Peek has moved on to take on the role as Southern Wine & Spirit's new Illinois mixologist.

In her fabulous new position, she will "continue the message of community, education and fresh cocktails."