Thursday, July 15, 2010

Esquire Writer Weighs in on Chicago Michelin Guide

The Mayor and Jean-Luc Naret, worldwide director of the Michelin guides, are all laughs with The Michelin Man at the announcement party at A New Leaf. (Photo: Rick Aguilar Studios)

Every local media outlet's been abuzz about the prestigious Michelin guide finally coming to Chicago, and there's been sooooo much speculation on how many stars certain restaurants will get.

Even Esquire's controversial go-to food guy, John Mariani, weighed in with his predictions on how many stars Alinea, Blackbird, L2O and Moto will get:

Summer Hours=The Three Martini Lunch

Don Draper of AMC's "Mad Men." (Photo: AMC)

Looks like our main man from "Mad Men" knew what he was doing when he took those long-ass lunches back in the day.

On the hit 1960s-era series, Don Draper appears to be at the top of his game after a few cocktails. The question is: Can you do the same?!

River North's District Bar wants to test your skills with The Don Draper Treatment, debuting Friday.