Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day Dining (& Drinking!) Around Town


It's her big day and she can do whatever she wants.

And since no Mom should go hungry no matter what she winds up doing, I've created this mini-Mother's Day Guide for Dining at ChicagoShopping.com.

Enjoy It!

G.E.B. Chef Hits Prime Time on Bravo Show

(Photo: Bravo)

John Vermiglio serves as sous chef at G.E.B. when it opens in June.

But before that happens, look for this Michigan native on Bravo's latest chef-driven reality show, Around The World in 80 Plates, when it premieres at 9pm Wednesday.

The talented young chef is no stranger to high-pressure kitchens (he previously worked at Charlie Trotter's and Table Fifty-Two) or television, so we're looking forward to see what he brings to the 10-week series.

To get an idea, 312DD asked him a few questions: