Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foodie, Fashionista Frenzy at GT Fish & Oyster

Gnocchi with Black Squid Ink, Carrot Lobster Broth, Prawns and Fava Beans at GT Fish & Oyster (Photo via Krebs' Foodspotting page)

Made it to GT Fish & Oyster on its second day of business Friday around 6:30pm. According to staffers, when they opened at 4:30, there had been people waiting anxiously outside since 4pm. When we arrived we could barely squeeze past the hungry, stylish crowd at the hostess stand.

And now we know why.

One of my dining companions, Krebs, who's completely obsessed with Foodspotting, documented everything we inhaled that night.

Go Where The Insiders Go . . .

Dante LoPresti hosts "Tippling Tuesdays" at Double A. (Photo: Double A)

Shift Drinks. Tippling Tuesdays. And Book Club.

This week's a particularly busy one for Chicago's bar and restaurant industry insiders.

Here's where to go if you want to be down . . .