Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Veteran Chicago Bar Owner's Rant On 'Fake' Chicago Bar Owners


I've read a lot of rants, but nothing quite like this one I received from a local bar owner. He's pretty much fed up with other bar owners who he thinks are not in the business for the right reasons:

"Let me first start by saying I'm blessed for having seen several revered industry operators practice their craft and owners/entrepreneurs that I look up to who continue to amaze me with their innovative ideas alongside of their perfectionist approach to growing their venues.

"This rant is for the opposite end of that spectrum and the people who abuse their positions. Let's be honest, shall we?? Some people in our business are out to get things the easy way. Some say they own or manage places without actually doing it or going through the REAL hardcore journey respected operators have traveled to make that claim.