Thursday, April 12, 2012

Notes From . . .


. . . Le Mysterieux Festin at Henri.

Henri/The Gage Executive Chef Dirk Flanigan teamed up with the restaurants' mixologist, Clint Rogers, and Wirtz Beverage's Eric Hay for Le Mysterieux Festin, or "a mystery dinner." The first-ever event attracted more than 70 diners.

• The unique concept involved five top local bartenders choosing from 100 "mystery" ingredients and creating a cocktail to match one of the five courses for the dinner. They had no idea of any of the ingredients the chef used for each course.

Was It A Hoax?


Late Wednesday afternoon, Chef Paul Kahan sent out this outrageous tweet:

"Come get fresh whale veal at Publican Quality Meats! It's amazing. Only $49.95 per pound!"

And if you thought it was crazy as hell like we did, you might be on to something. Our friends at Eater Chicago called up PQM Thursday to inquire about that alleged $49.95 whale veal, and had this to say: