Thursday, August 26, 2010

Secret's Out: The Best 'Hidden' Dishes

We're not surprised one bit that Rockit owner Billy Dec has a "secret" dish named in his honor at the River North resto. (Photos: Rockit Ranch Productions)

Admit it, you love it when you know something the table next to you doesn't.

You're so (*&^%$#@#$%*!* cool because you know that sometimes the best items at the restaurant are the ones not on the menu.

Take, for example, Steak & Eggs On Acid, Blue 13's tasty signature dish that's gained chef Chris Curren legions of fans. Made with sliced beef tenderloin and quail egg with spicy wasabi sauce and potato-onion pierogi, the dish is no longer on the menu, but diners in-the-know can order it through the end of the month.