Monday, January 26, 2009

MK chef's latest sensation


MK's new commander-in-chef Erick Williams pleasantly surprised Saturday night's diners with a delicious new dish he's been tinkering around with in the kitchen.

Those in the packed dining room got a comped Duck Carbonara (made with fettucine, duck egg, duck confit, crispy duck skin) personally delivered to them by the chef. It was such a hit that they've decided to put it on the menu beginning this week, and believe us when we tell you that it's the perfect entree for cold winter nights.

Maybe, just maybe, Williams will put it on the menu as part of Wine on Wednesday, the wallet-friendly event for $25 that includes three wines and three small plates. Dishes rotate regularly so you never know what he'll come up with. And according to the flyer we were handed that night, the menu features new releases and old MK favorites paired with wines by sommelier Josh Kaplan, who's raiding the cellar each week.

That's 6-9pm every Wednesday.