Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sound-Bar Made the Most $$$ in Chicago in 2009

(Photo: Sound-Bar)

Only two Chicago venues cracked the Top 25 in Nightclub & Bar and Technomic Inc.'s annual Top 100 Bar & Nightclub List.

Sound-Bar and Crobar came in 23rd and 25th places respectively for grossing between $10 million-$20 million in 2009.

Vision was 34th on the list, yet also grossed between $10M-$20M, but we think it was on the lower end of the scale.

Further down the line was Cubby Bear (#64; $5M-$10M), Rockit Bar & Grill (#70; $5M-$10M), Excalibur (#74; $5M-$10M) and Underground (#89; $5M-$10M).

Are you surprised of the placement of these bars on this list?! What about how much they made in 2009?

UPDATE: Several sources have emailed me to question the validity of this story, including one former publicist/marketing director for one of the venues:

"(The magazine doesn't) really have a fact checking department," she says. "I once wrote a release they used as the story."