Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whiskey Bar To Soon Serve Up Deejays?!

Whiskey Bar & Grill on Rush Street. (Photo: Whiskey Bar & Grill)

From one of my Gold Coast-based Ultimate Insiders:

"You have your fingers on the pulse of everything (Gosh, I absolutely adore this person!).

"I received a letter from Whiskey Bar, which is of course right across the street from our apt., asking for our support in their quest for a DJ permit/license. They said they would not charge a cover or install a dance floor and are going to respect the neighborhood.

"We haven't received the notice from (Ald.) Brendan Reilly to voice our opinions at a hearing, but the letter indicated that when the hearing does happen, they hope they have our support."

It'll be interesting to see what happens here, seeing how there are very few similar options in the immediate area . . .

The Best Tables in Town on Valentine's Day

Sepia's semi-private Table 70 is one of the city's most romantic spots in town. (Photo: Urban Daddy)

When it comes to Valentine's Day, you've done diamonds to death. Sent more roses to last your significant other a lifetime.

And, of course, you've hit damn near every romantic spot in the city, so how could you possibly outdo yourself on the most romantic night of the year?!

The Baker and the Bartender

Caroline Hamilton and Tony Galzin of MK (Photo courtesy of Caroline Hamilton)

Just wanted to toss out a warm congrats to MK's talented pastry chef Tony Galzin and bartender Caroline Hamilton, who got engaged on Christmas Eve at her home.

They met at the longtime contemporary American River North restaurant where he cranks out artistic sweets that actually pair well with her delicious, hand-crafted cocktails.

"It was a huge surprise, (and) neither one of our families knew, so it was super fun to surprise them when we went to his aunt's house to see everyone Christmas morning," says Hamilton. "He was going to do it Christmas morning, but said he got too excited (to wait)!"

So happy for them!