Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bistronomic Is #Winning!

Photos of Chef Martial Noguier and Bistronomic interior via

A funny thing happened Wednesday during my first visit to Bistronomic, the new casually cool French eatery owned by chef Martial Nogiuer.

The place was bustling, diners appeared to be animated and elated with their entree selections, and the bar area was scattered with sophisticated European types dining on smaller plates of sardines and pate.

But there was one customer who was not happy—or impressed—with any of this and it was pretty funny to watch it all go down from my perch at the bar.

'Spectacle' Includes Elusive Schwa Chef

Chef Michael Carlson of Schwa. (Photo via The Stew)

"I literally had to camp out and go in there at times when I knew he'd be there," Redmoon Theater's Sean Kaplan confessed to Eater on how he snagged Schwa's elusive chef/owner Michael Carlson for his annual event.

"When I met him he was one of the most friendly, genuine guys I had (ever) met. I told him what the mission was and he said he doesn't do benefits, but he liked what I proposed and said he was a fan of Redmoon."

That's freaking HUGE that they got Carlson to serve food at Spectacle Lunatique (6:30pm March 12) for the VIP portion of the event. It'll also include top chefs Paul Kahan (Blackbird), Giuseppe Tentori (Boka), Andrew Zimmerman (Sepia), Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat), Jimmy Bannos, Jr. (The Purple Pig), Bill Kim (Belly Shack/Urban Belly), Randy Zweiban (Province), Chris Pandel (The Bristol), Mindy Segal (Hot Chocolate) and Jessie Oloroso (Black Dog Gelato) as well as mixologist Charles Joly (The Drawing Room).