Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let The Kids Have Their Candy


On Halloween weekend, you'll have your choice of some of the coolest events in a long time.

The party we're most excited about is the first-ever Chosen Few Sexy Halloween, from the same team behind the hottest summer house music picnic.

If you appreciate deep, underground dance music and a mature sexy crowd, this is your spot. Deejays Wayne Williams, Andre Hatchett, Jesse Saunders, Alan King, Terry Hunter and Craig Loftus spin. There's a "sexy" costume contest for female guests. 9pm-4am Oct. 29 at Loft 74 (7445 S. South Chicago Ave.).

More tricks and treats to get into this weekend:

Get Your Taste Buds Ready . . .


. . . for tonight's free beer tasting at Red & White.

Typically, the boutique wine and beer shop features vino tastings, but this time they've brought aboard the beer experts from Big Star to share some of their wealth of knowledge.