Monday, April 9, 2012

Coupons On A First Date . . . Yea or Nay?!


People pretty much went apeshit on a Facebook friend's status:

LADIES, would you be offended if a man pulled out a coupon or Groupon to pay for the meal on the first date?

In less than half an hour after posting, he got almost 100 responses.

Here are some gems:

Smart Bar Dissed By Complex Magazine

The dance floor action at Smart Bar. (Photo: Smart Bar)

What a strange little article to recently appear in Complex.

It featured what they consider to be the 25 Douchiest Bars in Chicago, weirdly placing legendary dance club Smart Bar on the list at #3.

Here's what they wrote:

Freebie Alert: Cafe Selmarie!

Cafe Selmarie's Strawberry Roulade (Photo: Cafe Selmarie)

This is pretty exciting, especially for those who get off early on Fridays:

Lincoln Square's Cafe Selmarie is giving away free dessert to those who stop in between 4 and 6pm for dinner.

The spot is legendary for its bakery, so consider this an amazing deal!

How to Get a Drink at a Busy Bar . . .


The last time we visited the bar at Sable Kitchen & Bar, it was about five people deep. It was a Saturday night, with about five guys 'tending, and everyone wanted one of their signature, hand-crafted cocktails.

We, of course, had no problem waiting, but some folks were impatient as hell. That's why I'm pretty excited that I came across this article from Art of Manliness on "how to get a drink at a busy bar."

Best advice:

• Always, always, tip.

• Know what you’re going to order before you start yelling for service.

• Don’t stand at the server station.