Monday, September 15, 2008

Settle down, they're only cupcakes!

MORE's cool cupcake case is filled with a variety of savory and sweet treats every day. (Photo: Jessica Tampas)

Commenters over on The Stew got a little heated over the new sweet and savory cupcakes at MORE on the Gold Coast.


"If I want a samich, I'll buy a samich. If I want a cupcake, I'll buy a real cupcake that God intended to be dessert, not some silly samich impersonating a cupcake. That's just wrong. What's innovative and haute cuisine in LA or NYC is just silly and pretentious in Chicago."

Hmmmmmmm, OK, dude. You keep your Hostess cupcakes, but I'm going to keep my mind open. Did any of these people even try the &^%$#@!@#?! cupcakes before they banged out these comments?! Likely not.

Bristol opening delayed; return of Sommelier for a Day


The Bristol was set to open on Thursday, but due to flood damage from the weekend's massive rain storm, they're now shooting for a Sept. 23 debut.

In the meantime, if you're looking to get out for a wallet-friendly lunch, head over to BIN 36 for the No-Tax Lunch deal that's going on through Oct. 31. BIN 36 picks up the tax for those dining in.

For more cost-conscious kickin' it, head to Petterino’s for Monday Night Live. This is your chance to catch emerging and established singers as they step to the stage with standard showtunes and cabaret. Who knows who'll hit the mike, as traveling artists from the casts of "Wicked," "The Producers" and other Broadway shows have been known to perform. 7:30-10pm. $15 dining minimum per person.

And manana:

UPDATE: This event has been postponed until further notice: Sommelier for a Day returns to Bistro 110. The popular, interactive event allows guests to help the stylish Gold Coast eatery select their upcoming winter wines. This time they're sampling a number of Champagne and sparkling vino, and guests get to rate them all. The best, of course, will be added to the menu. The event also includes small bites by Executive Chef Dominique Tougne. 6-8pm. $35 for Levy Preferred members; $45 for others.