Wednesday, February 26, 2014

City To Crack Down On St. Patrick's Day Festivities

The line outside of Celtic Crossings during a past St. Patrick's Day party. (Photo: Celtic Crossings)

A few Chicago bar owners tell 312DD that the city's aiming to tame the rowdy St. Patrick's Day crowds by issuing some exorbitant fines for those infamous "all-you-can-drink" packages.

"It started with New Year's Eve and all the '$100 open bar' ads," says one tavern owner, who asked to remain anonymous. "No on-site enforcement; the city just mailed you court hearing dates and fines of $3,500. Then they decreased them to $3,000."

He adds that the city liquor commission "reinterpreted" the happy hour law to suit their needs. "If an advertisement does not state how many drinks are included, they assume it's unlimited and are ticketing them."