Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grahamwich Location Finally Revealed . . .

(Photo: Graham Elliot)

Chef Graham Elliot Bowles finally revealed the location to his highly anticipated sandwich/shakes/fries spot, Grahamwich, on Tuesday:

EXCLUSIVE: The Real Deal on The Shady Lady

Blue 13's Chris Curren will consult on The Shady Lady's menu. (Photo: Blue 13)

Here's a follow up to the story 312DD exclusively reported about the shuttering of River North Irish pub Garrett Ripley's.

Turns out the guys behind the popular spot are out and some legendary nightlife guys are in on what's soon to be known as The Shady Lady.

Top 10 Wine Ordering Faux Pas . . .


Remember the recent story on 312DD about the guy who accidentally ordered a $6,000 bottle of wine?!

He may have been able to avoid that embarrassing situation had the Chicago Tribune's Bill Daley had these Top 10 nifty restaurant wine ordering no-no's handy, particularly this one: