Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chef Wants Recognition Beyond 'Burbs

Inovasi chef/owner John des Rosiers (Photo: Inovasi)

It doesn't matter that he's a culinary star in the suburbs, Inovasi chef/owner John des Rosiers wants also props from Chicago and national food media.

His Lake Bluff resto, which celebrates two years in June, packs in a well-heeled, food-loving crowd several nights a week, but he's hungry for recognition from city folk.

His blog, The Thought, is usually pretty controversial, taking on such issues as molecular gastronomy and the antics of fellow colleagues such as Graham Elliot.

But this time, des Rosiers chose to take a more subtle approach as he basically wrote an open letter to media:

Obama Will Dine At MK Thursday


Just got the official word that Prez Obama will be dining at MK Thursday when he's in town.

To prepare for his feast, chef/owner Michael Kornick and exec chef Erick Williams have created a menu that's certain to be memorable: