Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bad-Ass Butchering Skills . . .

(Photo: The Bristol)

Here's The Bristol's carnivore crazed chef Chris Pandel breaking down a Slagel Farm goat.

I'm certain he'll have some fantastic specials on the menu this weekend . . .

Bon V Liquor License Reinstated

(Photo: Bon V)

West Loop nightclub Bon V got its liquor license revoked Monday, but it was reinstated late Thursday afternoon, according to state officials.

"A representative from Bon V came to the downtown office and paid a substantial amount of money to get their license back for at least 30 days," said my source.

That means the spot will be back in business just in time for the weekend.

Food & Wine's Essential Cocktail Guide


It came in the mail today.

Food & Wine's awesome and indispensable little cocktail party guide spotlighting the country's top culinary and cocktail kings and queens.

And you know we wouldn't even be gushing about this if it didn't include Chicago's stars of the highest order. In the Party Food section, you'll find a recipe for Chickpea Fritters with Tapenade from Girl & The Goat's Stephanie Izard. Apparently she eats cooked chickpeas straight from the can.

Next Now Offers Late-Night Reservations; Plus New Schwa Reso System?!

(Photo: Next)

This right here is great news for all you late-night dining fans:

Grant Achatz and Next just announced that beginning Thursday they've got 54 late-night resos available. The 10:15pm tables are on offer until the end of June (or maybe if it takes off, they'll continue through the summer!).