Monday, November 3, 2008

Rockstar Dogs LP quietly opens over weekend

(Photo: Rockstar Dogs)

The second Rockstar Dogs, in Lincoln Park, did a soft opening over the weekend, and this outpost offers a few extra goodies.

In addition to signature dogs The Flaming Lip (char-broiled jumbo dog with Merkt’s cheddar topped with spiced jalapenos and hot giardiniera), The Sting (tantric Morningstar veggie dog) and The Kiss (chili cheese masked dog topped with Merkt’s cheddar and onions), this one's also got Rockstar Drumsticks (Iggy’s trademark BBQ chicken wings), Diana’s Chocolate Frozen Bananas and an exclusive partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink.

RSD LP looks almost identical to the West Town original—including the 1950s pin-up girl logo, stripper pole and photographer Philin Phlash's vintage rock photos—but this one also has Fender guitars displayed throughout the space.