Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meatloaf Bakery gets props in first week

The lentil meatloaf cupcakes at Meatloaf Bakery. (Photo: Urban Daddy Chicago)

Yesterday we brought you short ribs and today it's meatloaf. We're all about comfort food these days, especially with the frightful weather outside.

But the latest fare find—uncovered by Urban Daddy late last week—is not your mama's meatloaf. At Lincoln Park's Meatloaf Bakery, you can get them resembling cupcakes, pies or cakes with savory "frosting."

The Stew already jumped at a "first bite" report (let's hope this one goes better than last time), with the writer pleasantly surprised at what he sampled:

"We ate our Wing and Prayer right there, and it was moister than any meatloaf we remember our parents making. Slice into it and the surprise is the creamy orb of blue cheese at the center—on top, a cap of blue cheese, salty and buttery and a bit over the top. (Hot sauce? Each order comes with a miniature bottle.) As for our next favorite, that would be the Mother Loaf, and being how this is the signature loaf, the most down-to-earth foot soldier in the gourmet cupcake/meatloaf revolution, we were pleasantly relieved. The veal came through surprisingly strong as did that long old meatloaf tradition of not knowing precisely what you’re eating but being physically incapable of stopping. The potatoes, however—harder than we would have liked, even when prepared and served by (owner Cynthia) Kallile herself."

Hub 51 tied with Vertigo in Nightlife Poll

Hub 51 is battling Vertigo for the title of "best new bar of '08." (Photo: Hub 51)

The Who's on Top in '08?! poll is off to a great start, on its second day.

Frontrunners are Hub 51, the trendy bar/restaurant hybrid by brothers Jerrod and R.J. Melman, and Vertigo, the posh penthhouse-level lounge crowning the dana hotel.

To vote, just scroll to the bottom of the page!