Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who Makes The Best Manhattan in Town?!


Anyone who knows me well knows that you'll make me happy if you put a well-crafted Manhattan in front of me.

That's why I'm bummed that I'll miss the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience going down 7pm Monday at Quay.

Guests (it's open to the public for free; RSVP here) will be treated to expertly prepared Manhattans created by some of Chicago's top bartenders, including the likes of Drew Goss (West Town Tavern), Tim Williams (Pour Souls) and Kris von Dopek (Duchamp). But these guys aren't just doing it for fun; they're competing for the chance to go up against a number of mixologists from across the country at the finals in New York.

Padma Recaps 'Top Chef,' More

"Top Chef" judges Tom Colicchio (from left), Padma Lakshmi and Hugh Acheson. (Photo: Bravo)

Other than aria's Beverly Kim joining the five other Chicago chefs as one of the official competitors on Top Chef Texas (whew! and yay!), the second episode was pretty uneventful for our homeboys and girls.

But here's a recap from the show's host/judge Padma Lakshmi, who also tells the chefs about the next challenge that has to do with Mother Effin' Snakes . . .

Hot Chef News You Can Use

Chefs Curtis Duffy (left) and Takashi Yagihashi.

This may sound like a minor thing to you, but when you're a chef with as much clout as former Avenues chef de cuisine Curtis Duffy, it's pretty major.

He tells 312DD that after four grueling months, he's finally settled on a chair for his new restaurant that's scheduled to open in the West Loop next spring. That's right, a chair.

The award-winning toque wouldn't divulge details, but if it took this long to find one, that means it's going to be one helluva chair. He's getting 90 of them custom made, which means they will be ready by the time the restaurant debuts.

Duffy's still keeping a tight lid on the restaurant's name and location, and says that he'll be ready to make a big announcement right after Thanksgiving.